DIY Site Speed Optimization Guide

Page Speed is the amount of time that it takes for a webpage to load for your visitor and is determined by several factors: including how fast is your host’s server, page’s total file-size, theme’s code-quality, caching & CDN usage, and image compression.

Why does Speed matter?

Faster websites make more money, rank better, and improve overall user experience.

Research from Google shows us that Humans have short attention spans and are impatient. Our culture of ‘Fast Food’ and wanting ‘Instant’ results for everything supports this. What this means for your website is that Speed Matters! No matter what, faster is better and less is more.

Google's Page speed research.
1s to 3s the probability of bounce increases 32%
1s to 5s the probability of bounce increased 90%
Google’s Page Speed research

Rule #1: Optimize for Humans not Speed Tests!

In this guide, I’ll explain the technical details while providing you with easy-to-follow instructions that you can start implementing right away! Keep in mind these are real people that will be searching, navigating & purchasing from your site, not just Google stopping by to say hello. Always let the User’s Experience guide you. Click on each topic to learn how to find & fix its speed traps.

DIY Site Speed Optimization Guide

Chapter 3
Theme Evaluation

Plugin Optimization

Chapter 4
Plugin Bloat

Caching Optimization

Chapter 6
Caching & CDN

Asset Optimization

Chapter 7
Files & Code Order

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Chapter 8
Page Builders / Gutenberg


Chapter 9
Website Security

This guide contains roughly 75% of what I do on my paid AuditsDone-For-You Site Speed Optimization Audits, yes I’m going to be totally transparent with you. Why? I’m the Anti-Guru and I love DIY’ers!

The remaining 25% involves digging deep into your Hosting server and finding what’s bleeding speed and leaving your site vulnerable to Hackers. That part is not for the DIY’er as there are severe consequences if you get settings wrong or accidentally mistype PHP code written in behind-the-scenes server files. Aaack!

Not to worry, what I will show you step-by-step to diagnose your website, will give you a thorough picture of where you need to start with optimizing your website for speed and security. Essentially it will be your roadmap for fixing issues.