Herbal Blogger’s PageSpeed Insights +72 pts Mobile Score Improvement!

Davy posted his frustrations about his site speed and especially his Google PageSpeed Insights Mobile score in an SEO group we’re both in. For 2 years, he tried random diy tutorials and even hired multiple ‘Optimization Experts’ but nothing was having a lasting positive impact. I knew he could do this with a little help and guidance!

What’s your website URL?

Davy and Tracy Healing with Nature: https://davyandtracy.com/

What had you tried before that didn’t work & frustrated you?

I have not been happy about my website speed for several years, but I felt powerless do do anything about it. I knew my website was slow.

I read just about every how-to on the web, but most of them suggested fixes that were too technical (and went over my head), or they recommended optimization plugins that didn’t really do much.

I hired a website optimization expert (twice). All they did was install different optimization plugins than the ones I had, and while I got a temporary boost, the speed quickly degraded.

Meanwhile, my organic search traffic declined, my e-mail opt-ins decreased, and engagement was at an all-time low.

The final wake-up call was when I read about Google Core Web Vitals becoming a ranking factor starting May 2021.

My Page Speed Insights score for mobile was 28 out of 100.

My average page load speed was between 12 to 14 seconds on a mobile device. (According to my Google Analytics, more than 70% of my website visitors are on a mobile device!)

What exactly did you do to your site from the before to the after speed tests? 

In frustration and desperation, I posted a screenshot of my abysmal mobile Page Speed Insights score on a blogging group I’m a member of, and met Sarah. Sarah has been absolutely fantastic to work with.

Unlike other experts, she made sure I not only knew HOW to optimize my website, she helped me understand WHY my website wasn’t performing and how to fix it – and keep it optimized long term.

I followed all of her recommendations, got out of my comfort zone, and hired her to do some of the more technical, back-end work.

She offered a tremendous amount of guidance and rationale for everything she guided me through.

Speed Tools & Guides Used:

WP Rocket Caching Plugin // WP Rocket Settings Guide by BlogJolt

Cloudflare CDN & Security service // Cloudflare CDN Settings Guide by BlogJolt

ShortPixel Image Optimization & Compression // ShortPixel Settings Guide by BlogJolt

Sluggins: SLOW WordPress Plugins to Avoid + Fast Alternatives List by BlogJolt

What helped you the most that made this time different?

Unlike other experts, Sarah made sure I not only knew HOW to optimize my website, she helped me understand WHY my website wasn’t performing and how to fix it – and keep it optimized long term.

Anything else you’d like to say to bloggers that are scared to try?

While WordPress, theme, and plugin updates may change my page score over time, I feel confident that I now have the knowledge and understanding to periodically evaluate my site and make necessary tweaks to maintain these optimizations over the long term.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to receive Sarah’s guidance and help.

If you’re struggling with a slow, under-performing website, reach out to her! Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

Speed Optimization Results

In about a month, my mobile Page Speed Insights score went from 27 to 99! My desktop score also jumped to 100 out of 100.

My website is a lot faster and less bloated, loading in about 2 seconds on a mobile device – within Google’s recommended Core Web Vitals. On a desktop computer, my site loads in about a half-second!

As a result, my e-mail opt-in rate has jumped and I’m seeing better engagement.

PageSpeed Insights Test – Before

Herbal Blogger's PageSpeed Insights +72 pts Mobile Score Improvement!

PageSpeed Insights Test – After

Herbal Blogger's PageSpeed Insights +72 pts Mobile Score Improvement!