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I do it all.

$60 hr

  • All the Setup/Configuration
  • All the Technical
  • All the Integrations
  • Never alone – Ask me all your questions
  • Focus on your strengths while I do it all
  • Perfect for Bloggers who just want it done.
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We do it together.

$60 hr

  • Step-by-Step detailed Tutorials
  • Under my Mentorship with fine-tuning
  • Learn about the tools powering your site
  • Never alone – Ask me all your questions
  • Save up to 50% time vs Done-For-You
  • Perfect for Bloggers who like to DIY.

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When the page speed on all 8 of my websites started to slip into the 3-4s load time, I knew something HAD to change. I hired 2 separate site speed “experts” who both just loaded up my sites with plugins and sent me 1 screenshot of a speed test I could never replicate. Everything changed after I got an audit from Sarah! She immediately identified the biggest issue (hosting) and helped me migrate all my sites then Optimized them all. The difference in loading time is INCREDIBLE! I can also rest easy knowing my sites are now secure and lightning-fast. Thank you, Sarah!!!!

– Amy, Pinterest Strategist

Jaime - Beauty Blogger Testimonial
Davy, Wellness Blogger's picture

Lots more to do, but exciting to FINALLY get somewhere. Speed has been a frustration for 2 yrs now, and I never got the clear guidance and direction you have given me so far.

– Davy, Natural Healing Blogger

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Site Loads 45% Faster!!!

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Having set up my site from scratch on my own, being very pleased with what I achieved, I realised that there were a few things going on ‘behind the scenes’ that weren’t working properly and were slowing it down. Sarah delved in, fixed what was broken and changed my theme and hosting.

Literally, overnight my site speed went from loading in 3 secs to 1.1 secs, my DA went up from 7 to 10, and I’ve had a notification that I have ranking keywords (not page 1 yet, but getting there)!!!  So much on my site was slowing me down, and preventing me from progressing in my blogging journey! I am delighted with what Sarah has done for me, and in addition, she’s answered so many other questions for me and guided me in the right direction!

– Alison, Essential Oils & Skincare Blogger