What’s the Fastest… ?

This has to be one of the most asked questions I get on a daily basis. I get it, you want to improve your site and you want to use what will actually help your site, not hurt it. Maybe you’re tired of all the misinformation in the Facebook blogging groups spread by Affiliates just looking to score off their recommendation to you. Did you know Bluehost, the dirt-cheap hosting 90% of bloggers start with, pays $120 in commission for every signup? That’s why it’s recommend sooooooooo much. Not ‘cuz it’s good or fast hosting, but because of the payout!

I’m going to share with you the FASTEST tools and services for bloggers that I use on a daily basis for the sites I optimize. I’ve tested each of these for speed, quality, and durability. I don’t make these recommendations lightly, I know what’s at stake here, your business!

Fastest DNS / CDN


Fastest Theme #1

GeneratePress Theme

Test: Fastest Themes 2021

Fastest Theme #2

Astra Pro Theme

Test: Fastest Themes 2021

Fast & Lightweight Plugins



Browser Caching

WP Rocket

Forms Builder

Fluent Forms

Gutenberg Blocks

GenerateBlocks Pro

Image Optimization

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Javascript Management


SEO Tool


Social Media Sharing


SPAM Management

AntiSpam Bee

YouTube Videos

WP YouTube Lyte