Let’s work together.

We’ll get your site optimized & fast.

What’s Included in the Done-With-You Service?

  • Joint Trello board where we can see our task progress
  • Extremely detailed Settings Tutorials for the install & setup of recommended plugins and services based on site needs. Effort is the goal, not perfection. Do your best is all I ask.
  • I double-check your efforts and then I take it further with customized settings unique to your site’s needs.
  • Gain a deeper knowledge of your site – Knowledge is peace of mind
  • I handle the backend – Server-side Optimizations for Speed & Security
  • Never alone – I’m here for you, Ask me all of your questions.
  • Learn how to maintain your speed – You’ll receive a custom Site Guide with guidance on maintaining your efforts… learn the best image sizes, how to properly optimize images, where to put javascript & more.
Done With You tutorials and Trello Board